5-year-olds want to trick teacher, get the exact same haircut so teacher can’t tell them apart

We live in a world that often puts too much emphasize on the superficial things that make us different from one another when we should really focus on the many beautiful things that make us alike.
Kids are great at this. They are able to see past the shallow layer that has to do with physical appearance and form an opinion about someone based on the things that really matter.
The two adorable boys in the video below are absolutely, 100% colorblind, and we don’t mean that in the medical sense. Jax and Reddy are best friends and like to do pretty much everything together. Just like any best friends, they have common interests and common activities they like to do together.
But it’s a story about a haircut that has melted the hearts of many. You see, it was time for Jax to get a new haircut, so him and his mom sat down to discuss some of their options. That’s when the five-year-old boy came with the idea to have his hair cut really, really short.
The reason? To look like his best friend Reddy. “He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut,” the boy’s mom later revealed on Facebook. Here’s the whole story:

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