If Your Hands Are Ever Zip-Tied Together, Here’s The Easy Way To Escape In Seconds

Nobody likes to picture themselves or a loved one in a possibly life-threatening situation. However, it’s a dangerous world we live in today where it’s better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, the internet is full of useful tips and information that can potential save your life someday.
The video below, for instance, shows a fast way to escape a zip tie. Hopefully, you’ll never have to actually put what you’ll learn by watching the clip into practice, but the reality is that you never know when something bad will happen.
As shown here, the secret to escaping a situation where your hands are zip-tied together actually involves using your shoes in a creative way. More specifically: After the attacker leaves, untie your shoelaces and loop them through the zip-tie and tie the laces together. Then use your feet to rub the lace back and forth against the tie. This should burn through the tie and hopefully free your hands so that you can find a way to escape.
This is something that anybody can do, so make sure to pass along the information to all of your friends and family online. It might help save someone’s life sometime.

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