Actors complain about the difficulty of making a movie. Then Denzel tells them to go to Iraq

Although it might seem like it’s all about being glamourous, dressing up and giving interviews, the truth is that there’s more to being an actor than just that. Remember that actors often have to spend a lot of time – months even – away from their families while on set shooting a movie.
They work hours and seem that they are constantly in a plane or in an airport waiting for a plane. Also, there’s a certain pressure actors feel to always be on top of their game because they always face public scrutiny.
So there have been times when famous actors have complained about how hard it is to be an actor in this day and age. Well, let me tell you one thing: Denzel Washington is not one of them.
During a recent interview, the famous actor made it pretty clear what his opinion is about actors who complain about their job. He said: “Your son got shot in the face, that’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury. It’s a gift. It’s an opportunity and it’s a gift.”
See what other words of wisdom he shared by watching the video below in full. Everybody needs to hear this!

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