Little Girl Drops Money in A Hat, Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob Ever Recorded

We all have different preferences when it comes to music, but if I were to guess, I’d say that the vast majority of you reading this appreciate live music. There’s just something so personal an intimate about listening to an artist perform live in front of you, don’t you think?
The little girl in the video decided to showcase her appreciation towards a musician performing in the street by offering some money. Little did she know that she will get the surprise of a lifetime in return.
You see, the little’s girl gesture was actually the cue of a well-orchestrated flashmob that left unsuspecting bystanders in total awe! A small performance turned into a grandiose show with dozens of people in just a matter of minutes!
By now, I can’t even remember how many flash-mobs I’ve seen via video, but this one takes things to a whole new level. The looks on people’s faces as they realize what is going on is truly priceless.
How would you have reacted if you were to find yourself in the middle of a massive flashmob like the one shown in the video below? It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

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