7-year-old with uncertain future receives final wish to FIGHT ZOMBIES

Childhood is definitely one of the best periods in the life of a person. It’s a time when you know little about the major problems that exist in the world, and your biggest worry is getting your letter to Santa Claus so that you can find the presents you want under the Christmas tree. Childhood is a worries-free time in our lives; or at least it should be.
Unfortunately, life can be quite unfair sometimes, and not all children get the stress-free childhood they deserve. Spencer Holt is only seven years old, but already has to face a reality that not even a grown up would be strong enough to face. The boy is battling a terminal disease, but he still has the strength to put on a smile and enjoy every day.
He even has a goal that keeps him going – to fight against Zombies and make the world a better place. With the creativity that only children possess, he has imagined an incredible world filled with heroes and Zombies that he has to fight against. A few kindhearted police officers made sure his make-believe world takes shape in reality and planned a surprise that the boy will never forget.

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