A cop was caught doing THIS with a homeless girl. LOOK closely at what’s on the sidewalk

It seems like every other day there’s a story on the news about a police officer that has conducted in an inappropriate or abusive way. While it’s important that the media covers these topics so that the number of incidents decreases, it’s also important to share stories that show that not all policemen are the same. Some of them are actually committed to helping others in the community they serve.
The police officer in the video below is definitely one of them. Footage shows him take the time out of his busy day to teach a homeless girl how to hopscotch, and the images are going viral. The 11-year-old girl watched as the man showed her how the game is played.
The police officer was trying to distract her attention and help her have some fun while her mom was talking to another police officer. The police officers were called to check out on a suspicious vehicle. As it turned out, the girl and her mom were living off of it. While one of the officers was making housing arrangements with the girl’s mom, this officer made sure the girl feels comfortable and safe.

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