92-Yr-Old Was Dancing Alone In Parking Lot — Until Cop Pulled Over.

It should go without saying that dedicated police officers are an essential part of any healthy community. But a police officer’s job goes beyond protecting people in the communities they are serving, and the video below proves it.
Austin, Minnesota Police Sgt. Kim Lenz was doing her usual rounds near downtown when she noticed an elderly woman dancing all by herself on the sidewalk. The police officer decided to stop the car and learn more about the situation she was witnessing.
She approached the woman and asked if she needed any help. At first, the woman was a bit reluctant, not understanding why the police officer approached her. It’s not like she was doing anything illegal.
But officer Lenz had no intention to give the woman a fine or get her in any kind of trouble. In fact, it was the opposite of that. The police officer just wanted to join the woman’s little dance party so that she would have a dance partner.
The entire beautiful interaction between them two was caught on video. We need more videos like these that showcase the kindness that still exists in this world, so please don’t forget to share.


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