2-Year-Old Has Been Listening To Daddy Sing, She Mimics Him And Internet Can’t Get Enough

Imitation is an essential learning tool for toddlers. From words and sounds they hear to gestures and behavior they notice on people around them, small children pick up on more than we can ever think off.
The parents of the adorable toddler in the video below never expected for her two-year-old to start singing at such a young age. But after hearing his dad prepare for an audition to sing the National Anthem for a local baseball team in Iowa, the baby did just that.
According to her mom, the toddler learned the melody on her own. Now, the girl starts to randomly sing it around the house, and sometimes even in public.
Mom managed to caught the adorable 2-year-old in action and the footage showing the toddler do her best rendition of the National Anthem couldn’t be any cuter.
With microphone in hand and a slightly oversized baseball hat on her head, this young talent belts out America’s favorite tune, and her adorable performance didn’t go unnoticed online. That’s despite the fact that no one could understand a word she was saying.
If you need something to put a smile on your face just about now, this is the video for you.

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