A man says goodbye to his wife as they unplug her from life support, but then she says five words that make him pass out

Deciding to discontinue life support for a loved one is an incredibly challenging choice, particularly when the outlook is bleak. Ryan Finley was confronted with this heavy responsibility when his wife Jill slipped into a coma. Discovering Jill unconscious and unresponsive, Ryan took immediate action, administering CPR and fervently praying for her recovery in the critical moments before paramedics arrived. Despite the daunting odds against her, Jill’s weak heart and shallow breathing didn’t deter Ryan from holding onto hope. Fortunately, the timely arrival of paramedics allowed them to revive her.

Rushed to Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Jill underwent treatment with a specialized cooling suit, a critical measure to safeguard her brain from further damage due to oxygen deprivation. The severity of her condition led to unconsciousness.

Despite the discouraging outlook provided by the medical team, Jill’s partner, Ryan, clung tenaciously to hope, relying on prayer even as days passed and recovery seemed improbable. Eventually, he faced the difficult recommendation to contemplate withdrawing Jill’s life support.

In a poignant diary entry for today, Ryan vividly expressed his anguish and the hardship of having to make the heart-wrenching decision to let Jill go.

Ultimately, considering her wishes, he made the painful choice to release her rather than extend her suffering.

With the family assembled for a final farewell to Jill, the machines were turned off. The doctors cautioned that the process might not be swift, as she was undergoing the “final rally.”

During this period, Jill began to murmur, expressing her wish to visit her cherished Mexican restaurants, Ted’s or Melting Pot, and urged her husband to take her there. Though Ryan was heartbroken, he held onto the belief that Jill would pull through.

Thankfully, Ryan’s hopefulness proved fruitful, and Jill survived, undergoing heart surgery and an extended period of recovery that enabled her to breathe independently for the first time.

Despite her remarkable recovery, Jill had no recollection of her time in a coma. She faced challenges with her short-term memory and difficulties in articulating specific words and phrases.

Jill’s extraordinary comeback was made possible by advanced medical technology and the unwavering love and support of her family.

Even in the face of adversity, Jill’s resilience granted her a second lease on life, fostering a deeper appreciation for each day for both her and her loved ones.

Despite battling COVID-19, Jill’s prayers were answered as she gradually healed after an extended period on a ventilator.

Even after losing her husband and sister to the virus, the 65-year-old grandmother was granted a second chance at life. With her overall health in good condition, she was eager to embrace this opportunity.

Jill and her daughter, who stood by her side during the challenging period, were ecstatic that their bond remained as resilient as ever.

Jill attests that they now cherish every moment and hold their time together in higher regard than ever before. Having witnessed her loved ones succumb to devastating cancer, Jill has gained a newfound perspective, no longer taking anything for granted.

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