Mother-In-Law Wants To Be Paid For Babysitting Grandchild

Needing support as a new parent is entirely normal. Juggling parenthood with career growth in your 20s or 30s can be challenging. Often, grandparents step in to help with the new baby, becoming a regular part of their lives and occasionally taking on the role of a babysitter.

While this is a common arrangement for many, it’s not universal. In our case, when my mother-in-law expressed a desire to be compensated for babysitting our grandchild, tensions rose.

Presently, I find myself in a challenging situation. My husband and I have enjoyed a happy marriage for the past ten years. We both work full-time, with him working from home and me commuting to the office. Our beautiful six-month-old baby adds joy to our lives, but managing work and parenting has become more complex.

Recently retired, my mother-in-law generously offered to look after our child while we’re at work, and we gladly accepted. Things have been running smoothly; she’s not only fantastic with kids but also lends a hand with cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing.

However, our conversation yesterday left me taken aback. She expressed a desire for compensation for the time spent caring for our adorable Katie. It’s hard for me to fathom assigning a monetary value to spending time with her own grandchild. My own grandmother used to babysit my sister and me without ever expecting anything in return, be it money or gifts. It was purely out of genuine care. In my younger days, I used to babysit my siblings for extended hours, never asking for compensation.

I find myself speechless and deeply frustrated. This situation is putting a strain on my marriage. My husband insists that my mother-in-law deserves reimbursement because, without her help, we’d have to hire a stranger to care for our child, likely at a higher cost. Despite considering all angles, I’m still unable to articulate my thoughts. It’s as if my mind is overwhelmed, and I can only express it with a resounding “AAAH.”

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