A puppy’s instincts kick in after he hears wolves howling on the television, wants to join in

A puppy’s life is full of new and exciting discoveries. Each day, they learn something new not only about the world around them but also about themselves. The adorable Pomeranian in the video below learned that instinct is stronger than fear, and the whole moment was caught on video.
It all started when the pup’s owner found a video online of a bunch of wolves howling at the moon. The owners played the video and waited to see how the Pomeranian was going to react to hearing those sounds for the first time ever. The dog’s reaction will make your day!
At first, the pup seems a bit scared and runs back to his bed where he seems like he is trying to hide from the sounds he hears. But as soon as he realizes he has nothing to be afraid of, the dog starts to be curious and tilts his head right and left. Finally, the dog’s instincts start to kick in and he even tries to reproduce some of the howls on the video.
As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the share! Your friend will definitely want to see this!

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