He lines up 66,000 cups filled with water 1 by 1. When the camera zooms out, THIS is revealed…WOW

There’s definitely no shortage on awesome videos online; it seems like every minute a new cool video is being uploaded, and no matter how videos you’ve seen, there’s always one more that is going to surprise you.
If you like seeing original ideas being put into practice via video, then you’ll surely appreciate the video below. The clip shows an awesome creation by Canadian artist Serge Belo, an interdisciplinary artist with a taste for innovation.
The creation shown in this video is more than just a great idea, though. The artist created it as way to raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis that affects many parts of the world today. The artist created an image made of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater that simulates the levels of impurities found in water across the planet.
The creation measures a massive 3,600 square feet and represents a fetus in the maternal womb. This powerful image emphasizes the dramatic consequences driven by a lack of drinkable water. More than 62 hours of work were put into this impressive display of creativity.
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