A 10-year-old pet goldfish was successfully given a life-saving surgery

Many people treat their pets as legitimate members of the family. As a result, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to make sure they are healthy and safe from all danger.
An Australian family paid to have their pet goldfish named George undergo surgery to remove a large tumor on his head. While most people disregard the common goldfish, this family cares about George very much. So when they found out George had a tumor and was in great danger of losing his life, the only question in their minds was what they can do to help him.
George had a giant tumor growing from his head. Most owners would have just toss it and buy a new goldfish for a few bucks. But there was no way George’s family was going to replace him. Not without trying everything else first.
The family paid $200 so that George could undergo surgery to have his tumor removed. The surgery took about 45 minutes, and the process was pretty complicated. But the surgery was a success, and doctors managed to remove the whole tumor. The lucky goldfish is now expected to live at least ten more years.

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