“Y’all check this out” were his last words

People do stupid things when they are bored. And many teenagers get bored during those long summer days when school’s out and all they have to do is to kill time and hang out with their friends (I know, we all miss those days). Unfortunately, having a lot of free time at your disposal doesn’t always have positive consequences.
The guy in the video below, for instance, thought it would be an awesome idea to leap from the back of a speeding pick up while sitting in a plastic lawn chair. Well, it wasn’t, and the young man definitely learned a valuable lesson the hard way. He took a pretty bad hit and his friends managed to get the whole moment on video.
Although he did hit himself pretty bad, there was no need for him to go to the hospital for any serious interventions. He managed to escape without serious injuries, but his ego definitely got hit pretty hard.
There’s no way this could have ended up well, so under no circumstance try to recreate this at home or suggest it to one of your friends. It’s dangerous, uncool and to be completely honest, it’s also just downright stupid. Does this look like fun?

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