Swimmers watch entire ‘swarm’ of birds dive for fish at the same time

Some say that being at the right time in the right moment can make all the difference, and chances are that the lucky beach-goers in the video below would agree.
They were fortunate enough to witness the breathtaking moment when a hungry flock of birds was driven into a feeding frenzy. The swarm of birds followed a school of fish underwater and each of the birds dived into the water to make a catch!
Apparently, this is something that happens a lot during mating season. Male birds are the ones that typically dive underwater to seek food for its mate. Once the male manages to capture its prey, it gives its catch to the female as a mating gift. Romantic, right? Everything only lasted under a minute. The birds disappeared back into the sky as fast as they dived into the water, but the entire moment was pretty intense. It’s definitely not the kind of thing you see on a typical day at the beach.
The visuals of it all are just incredible. Nature sure is beautiful, isn’t it? This is definitely a video you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family.

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