Adorable Samoyed wakes up her dad in the most gentle way

Dogs are nothing but sweethearts, there is no doubt of it. Yet they all have different approaches when comes down to ask attention from their humans. It doesn’t matter if you’re resting on the couch, or taking a nap, most of the dogs are getting pretty loud when they need something, especially a treat or a walk, but not his dog. The way this adorable Samoyed is trying to wake up her owner will make you fall in love with it. Gladly, the moment was caught on video!

Tom Brown

In a footage that warmed nearly 25 million of hearts, already, a very sweet puppy gently wakes up her owner. Lexi – a charming Samoyed – is overly attached to her dad, and she cannot stay without him, even when he’s sleeping. So the enormous furball climbs onto the bed and then she’s gently touching her dad with her very delicate paws, hoping he’s eventually wake up and play with her.

Tom Brown

As it turns out, Lexi wants to go for a walk so badly, she can’t even wait until her dad gets out of bed. So she tries to hurry the things up a little. But despite her extremely delicate attempts – including a few kisses, and even a paw on his dad’s mouth – dad is tired and he’s gonna stay in bed a little longer. Well, at least she tried.

Watch Lexi’s persistence in the video below!

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