Wild rabbit spots beautiful bunny inside home, instantly falls in love

It was love at first sight for two bunnies after spotting one other through a glass window. The pet rabbit was minding her own business inside the house, when a wild rabbit – who adventured himself on the family’s back porch – spotted her. A moment was enough for him to completely fall in love. The scene was caught on video and it is heartwarming!

YouTube/ Screenshot

It was a sunny spring day, so Pep’s owner decided to let her enjoy the day in the living room with the sliding back door opened. But little did that human know, a romantic scene will unfold there. The cute Pep was looking through the glass door, when all of a sudden, a wild brown rabbit showed up in front of her. The wild bunny was instantly absorbed by Pep’s beauty, but she wasn’t too impressed though. At least for the moment, ’cause soon as the uninvited guest got closer to the door, he just caught her attention.

YouTube/ Screenshot

It didn’t take too long until the two bunnies start nuzzling each other through the window. A big step for the tiny adventurer on the patio, who now desperately wants to get inside the house. Only that seems a bit impossible though, with the huge glass door in front of him. Anyway, he continues to find a way in for several more minutes, but unsuccessfully though. He finally realized Pep may actually be out of his league, so he decided to find love somewhere else. Maybe this time he’ll be more lucky!

YouTube/ Screenshot

“Unusually warm day, so I had the sliding door open while working on our kitchen remodel. Parked in front of the door is where Pep spends 90% of her time,” the pet rabbit’s owner wrote. “The wild rabbits were out and about, chasing each other because it’s mating time, when this one decided that he fancied Pep and wanted in.”

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