Brave man jumps into ice water to save deer with bucket stuck on head

A helpless deer who found herself in the toughest situation got a second chance, thanks to a brave man who embrace cold waters to save her life. The animal was spotted swimming into the Long Island Sound, in Long Island, New York with a paint can on her head and her chances to make it on shore were growing thin, but then a hero showed up and saved the day. The dramatic rescue was caught on video and the quick-thinking man is now hailed as a hero on Internet!

YouTube/The Dodo

After a concerned citizen called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League – an animal rescue in Long Island – to report the hopeless deer, Frankie Floridia, president of the center, quickly arrived at the scene. He immediately realized it is a very tough situation, so he knew he has to act fast if is to save the deer.

YouTube/The Dodo

The animal was struggling to swim, as she couldn’t see a thing because of the bucket she had stuck on her head. So Frankie knew he has only two options. He either free the deer by removing the bucket in the water, or take the deer to the shore. Either way, the rescue was far from easy.

“I saw her[the deer] swimming into circles. I took my boots off and went into the water. It was ice cold, but I knew there is a very delicate situation, so I had to act fast,” Frankie explained to THE DODO. “If the bucket had filled with water, it would have held her head down and she would have drowned.”

YouTube/The Dodo

Soon as Frankie got into the water, the frightened deer was swimming away from him, so his chances to grab her and take her to the shore were nearly impossible. But fortunately, a Good Samaritan with a boat spotted him and rushed to help out.

Together, they approached the confused animal, and then hardly tried to remove the can. After a few attempts, Frankie managed to free the animal, but things were far from better, because even though she was able to see, the confused deer was still swimming in circles. So Frankie had another idea!

YouTube/The Dodo

“I laid on the front of the boat and grabbed her and hold her,” the man explained. ” The deer was very calm. I was able to feel her heartbeat in my hands.”

This way Frankie carried the deer to the shore and from there she just lost her way through the forest! She just got a second chance, thanks to these very devoted people. Thank you heroes!

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

h.t: thedodo

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