This is why you should always LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing the street—WOW

I bet your parents have told you this endless times, especially when you were younger: “Always look both ways when you’re crossing the street.” And if you were anything like most kids, your response to that was most likely rolling your eyes and thinking it’s a useless piece of advice.
Well, as it turns out, you’re never too old to be reminded that you should always pay attention and look both ways whenever you’re trying to cross a street, especially if you’re not crossing the street on a crosswalk.
Otherwise, you might end up like the guy in the video below, or worse. The man tried to cross the street in an unmarked place, but he only got halfway. The man failed to look if a car was coming from the other side of the road, and almost lost his hand because of it.
The footage taken from a car that was just a few feet away shows the moment a bus almost runs over the distracted man. Luckily, the man wasn’t seriously injured, but he really got lucky this time. I bet he will look both ways next time.
So I guess this leads us to a single conclusion: Our parents are always right.

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