Lioness with a GoPro on her back hunts a buck

Those Go Pro cameras are really something else, right? It seems like the only limit when it comes to the kind of things you can do with them is your own creativity. We’ve seen some pretty exceptional footage taken with a Go Pro camera, footage that it would have been extremely difficult to capture otherwise, using a different camera.
As I’ve said, there are some exceptional videos online now that were taken using a Go Pro camera, and the clip you are just about to see makes no exception. Filmmaker and lion conservationist Kevin Richardson decided to take his fans and other wildlife enthusiasts on an incredible journey in the savannah.
The man managed to strap a Go Pro camera on a lionesses’ back, and captured some unbelievable images. The camera captured the moment the lioness hunts down and kills a buck in a matter of seconds.
Now, we’ve all seen those documentaries on TV that show lions and lionesses hunt, but this is taking it at a whole new level. You actually feel like you’re right behind the lionesses, watching everything from a really close distance.
That poor buck…That’s all I can say.

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