Amazon driver jumps into pool to save senior husky from drowning

Not all heroes wear capes, but they all have kindness in their hearts, and this Amazon driver is no different. The quick thinking John Cassabria is hailed as a hero after he rescue a senior Husky dog from drowning. It was just a regular day at the office for John. The young man was delivering packages on his regularly route in Woburn, Massachusetts when a weird noise drawn his attention.

John just had that feeling something might be wrong, so he went to investigate. “It was something like a siren raid mixed with howling — like how the wind howls through the tree branches,” he said.

The strange noise came from a house’s backyard, so without a second thought, the driver climbed the fence to see what’s happening. The man soon realized there was a dog in desperate need of help, so he knew he had to do something. A husky was struggling to get out of the pool.

John immediately jumped into action and saved the day. He just climbed over the fence and and jumped into the pool and pulled the drowning dog out. A little confused since he knew that almost all dogs know how to swim, the hero later realized the dog he just saved was a 14-year-old senior husky with some bones problem.

“All I could think about was getting him out of the pool and making sure that he was safe,” John said. “He didn’t want me to leave his side. Every time I would go to get up, he would hit me with his paw or nudge me — so I stayed with him the entire time.”

It turned out that Luka’s owners went to holiday and they asked for a dog sitter to come by. However, since no one showed up, John called the animal control and after he made sure everything is all right with the scared dog, he continued his work, despite his clothes were still wet. What a hero!

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