Andy Griffith’s story about college football is one of the funniest comedy recordings of all time

Many people remember Andy Griffith as a charming actor and television producer who made a name for himself in the 50s. But one of the man’s most remarkable qualities was actually his incredible sense of humor. Playing the lead characters in the sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, Griffith reached global fame and acquired fans all across the world.
And people weren’t simply drawn by his talent as an actor but also by his charisma and easy going personality. Andy’s close friends have said over and over again that Griffith was the kind of man who always had a comeback for anything and knew just the right things to say to make others feel comfortable in his presence.
Judging by the recording in the video below, Andy Griffith never ran out of funny stories to tell whenever he was in a mood to have some fun and help people lighten up.
Back in 1953, Griffith performed a stand up monologue which basically revolved around football, and is as funny and relatable today as it was back then. True humor is timeless, so make sure to listen to his performance until the end if you’re in need of a good laugh just about now.

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