Their Daughter Is Acting Strange, So Mom Installs A Camera To See What The Nanny Has Been Doing

It’s any parent’s worst nightmare: seeing your child being abused by a person you thought was there to look after your child when you can’t do it yourself. It’s a horror story that the parents in the video below experienced, and now they want to warn other parents to be extremely careful when hiring a nanny for their baby and always prepare for the worst.
Whitney Matney was confident she can trust the woman she hired to look after her 1-year-old daughter. After all, the nanny was a former high school class mate of hers with plenty of experience. Moreover, the woman came with sold references that made her seem perfect for the job.
However, a few weeks after hiring the nanny, the toddler started to act strange and changed her behavior significantly. From the happy, energetic girl she was, she turned into a shy little girl who always seemed to be afraid of something.
So Whitney and her husband decided to set up a hidden camera to see what is going on when the nanny and their girl are home alone. What the footage revealed is outrageous! The nanny ended up being arrested for her actions towards the girl.

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