They came on stage holding two pans, but when they lift their arms I can’t stop laughing

Do you need a good laugh just about now? Well, then you’ve definitely came to the right place. This video will instantly put in a good mood and you’ll have a hard time breathing because you’ll be laughing so hard.
The hilarious men in the video below made an appearance at a French TV show and left the entire audience in stiches with their incredibly funny performance. Their number included some pans and some nudity, and as it turns out, this is a winning combination when it comes to comedy and making people laugh. I never would have guessed that pans which are usually used in the kitchen can be so much fun.
But this comes to proves that with a little bit of creativity and a lot of humor, even the most common household objects can turn into something pretty amazing.
“Les hommes à poêles” put their own spin on a burlesque number, and the result is sure to make your day a lot better!
Everybody could benefit from laughing more and taking a break from all the problems that exist nowadays. Careful though, the content of this video might not be appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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