Autistic Boy Innocently Stares at Snow White. Princess’s Response Caught On Tape

Kids’ world is magical, or at least it should be. Every kid has their own fairytale story that they build in their mind. Every kid as their fantasy world, one that can easily be accessed through their endless creativity and innocence.
And sometimes, their make-believe world and dream find their equivalent in real life. One of these places where dreams come true for kids and nothing seem impossible anymore has to be Disney World. This is a magical place filled with incredible characters and beautiful toys. It’s a place where the most famous cartoon characters come alive to make kids’ dreams come true.
If he could, the little boy in the video below would most likely tell you just how magical Disney World can be. The bow was visiting the park with his family when he came across his favorite Disney princess: Snow White.
The boy immediately fell in love with the beautiful Princess and glued himself to her. The Princess responded with affection and kindness. The whole interaction between them two was caught on video by the boy’s mom who later said it was one of the best days in her son’s life.
Good luck watching this without crying!

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