Worried Stranger Buys Homeless Man a Pizza, Then She Realizes He’s Celebrity Richard Gere

If you would take a few moments to notice how most people react when they see homeless people on the streets, you would most likely see them walking pass by without even looking at their faces, ignoring them, or looking down at these people in disgrace.
The truth is that most people who have a job, a home, and just a normal life, immediately assume they are better than those they see holding a sign asking for money. But it’s just as true that there’s no way of knowing what happened to those people to lead them in this dramatic point in their lives.
We just don’t know, so maybe we shouldn’t make assumptions. Also, we shouldn’t take our lives for granted, because something can happen at any time to change our lives, and we could end up losing it all. And when we can help somebody, we should do it without putting any condition.
These are all important lessons that famous actor Richard Gere wanted to share with his fans and the world. You see, the man pretended to be homeless for a day, and was shocked to see how bad people treated them – with one exception.
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