Awesome dog: Crazy for my automatic ball launcher

You don’t have to be a dog owner to know that most dogs love to play fetch. But you have to be a dog owner to know that dogs can become almost obsessed with playing fetch. What is thee explanation when it comes to dogs’ seemingly insatiable appetite for this game? Well, some specialists say it all has to do with certain patterns of behavior that can be found in all canines. Apparently, dog are genetically hardwired to love playing fetch
The only problem is humans don’t always have the time or the mood to throw dogs the ball as often as they would want. And there’s nothing worse than seeing your dog is unhappy because you won’t play with him. This is how automatic ball throwers entered the market. Unlike humans, these ball launchers are relentless when it comes to throwing dogs the ball, which makes them the perfect option for energetic dogs.
These two pups definitely seem to enjoy them! They are having the time of their lives playing in their backyard with nothing but an automatic ball launcher. When you stop to think about it, it’s crazy how dogs never seem to get bored playing this game.

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