How This Dog Eats Watermelon Will Have You In Disbelief. Wait Till You See It!

Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit. With temperatures rising, there’s no better fruit to keep you cool during those hot summer afternoons and evenings. There are also so many great ways you can eat it. You can turn into cocktails, ice cream, you name it! Few people can resist the sweetness of a watermelon, but believe it or not, dogs like it too. Well, at least the cute Shiba Inu in the video below does.
His owner took a clip which shows him sitting at the table and enjoying some watermelon pieces from a plate. Seeing a dog eating watermelon is definitely not a common sight, but that’s not even the best part! The best part about this video is how the dog sits at the dinner table while enjoying his delicious fruit. Believe it or not, he sits upright just like a human! What’s more, he proves he has polite table manners, which we all know it’s more than we can’t say about some people.
According to his owners, this is how the dog sits most of the time, but where exactly the dog has learned to do is not known. You need to see this!

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