Little boy can’t find his fork. When I saw where it was the whole time? I couldn’t help but SMILE

You know that joke about that grandpa who looked everywhere for his glasses only to find out he was wearing them all along? Well, it’s really not that uncommon to misplace things and discover they’ve been hiding right under your nose. So don’t feel bad if that has happened to you more than once or twice. It seems like whenever you lose something, you find it in the last place you look.
The kid in the video below knows what I’m talking about. The young boy was enjoying a nice meal with his family, when all of the sudden, he realized he was missing his fork. The boy starts looking right and left to try and find his work so that he can keep on eating, but the fork seems nowhere to be found. His mom and brothers try to help him out, telling him the fork is ‘right there’, but they don’t seem to help much, as the boy actually seems more confuse.
Finally, mom is the one who is able to help him out by telling him his fork is actually in his hand- where it was all this time. The look on his face when he sees the fork in his hand is the cutest thing you’ll see today!

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