Mom calls her a ‘Bad Bird’ but her response is HILARIOUS!

Parrots are known for being extremely vocal and being able to mimic all kinds of sounds they hear around where they live. They can mimic human speech, instruments and songs they hear on the radio. The connections their brains make is absolutely amazing, and it can sometimes lead to hilarious outcomes. Many parrots can remember and reproduce pretty much anything they hear their owners say, which is why you should never say anything you don’t want others to know around a parrot. Trust me; they simply don’t know how to keep a secret.
The parrot in the video below named Lollypop is particularly talkative when her owners start giving her attention. As she gets ready for a bath, Lollypop starts singing her favorite hits while also moving to the beat of the song. The best part is when her owners says bad bird to her and the parrot starts singing the famous theme song to the TV show Cops, “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle. The bird actually does a great job keeping up rhythm.
There’s definitely no way anyone can get bored while this talkative bird is around. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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