They Call Him the Smartest Dog Alive – Find Out Why

All dog owners take pride in their pets and love to brag about how smart and cute they are. Now, all dogs are amazing creatures, but some find it easier to learn all kinds of tricks and are able to do extraordinary things. The canine in the video below is one of those amazing dogs who possess some incredible skills. The dog’s name is Jumpy and is without a doubt one of the smartest animals out there.
The dog is able to do some difficult routines with the help of his skilled trainer named Omar von Muller. By the way, you can check out his website at Training with Omar. Sure, the man is a professional trainer, but he says Jumpy makes his job a lot easier because he easily picks up on his commands and is able to execute them perfectly. The dog is so well behaved that it actually seems like he knows exactly what the owner expects of him.
You won’t believe what this dog can do. Make sure you watch the clip until the very end to make sure you won’t miss anything of the dog’s amazing routine. The last seven second will totally blow you away.


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