Video of Adorable Triplets Greeting Garbage Men Goes Viral

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us make all kinds of assumptions based on what someone does for a living. This is how misconceptions are often born. Even though we know better, we often judge a person based on his or her job. The truth is all people deserve our respect if they are kind and do their jobs well. What someone does for a living is really not that important and it definitely shouldn’t influence the way we threat those around us.
Now, kids don’t have this problem. They surely don’t care if an adult is an astronaut or an accountant. They treat everybody the same. It’s adults who instill certain believes into children’s minds. But kids have it right when it comes to how they treat others.
Just look at the adorable triplets in the video below. They love to greet the sanitation workers who come to collect their garbage once a week. It all started with a friendly wave, but the triplets’ parents say the children can’t wait for the workers to stop by so that they can spend a few moments talking with them. This is definitely the kind of video you should share!

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