Adorable footage shows two precious baby otters squeaking while having lunch

While we got used with tiny pups or little kittens to light up our days with their cuteness overload, these two baby otters recently won the internet with their charming attitude. The adorable furry balls are a  bit hungry, so their carer feeds them. But their next move wins everyone’s heart.

Screenshot via YouTube

This short footage was taken at an organization meant to protect exotic animals from being illegally sold on the black market. The clip shows two tiny otters that were saved from getting into the wrong hands. The kind man you see in the video below was the one who rescued these precious creatures. He managed to intercept the transaction and bring the two innocent souls to safety.

Screenshot via YouTube

The animals are being taken care of for now at the center. They receive all the love and attention they need, and they particularly seem to enjoy lunchtime. The sounds they make while they eat lunch are totally adorable!

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