Ballerinas perform onstage, but audience is caught off guard by their ‘funny’ routine

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about ballet? For some of you, it may be “elegance” or “grace”, while others may think about all the difficult moves ballerinas have to execute on stage.
Bur whatever the answer may be in your case, chances are you’re not going to think about something funny when picturing a ballet performance. Generally speaking, humor is not something most people associate with ballet dancing, but the dancers in the video below proved that comedy and ballet is actually a match made in heaven.
Rather than sticking with the traditional ballet tone, the ballet dancers performed a choreography that falls more in the funny ballet categories than the classic one. The routine showcased at Vienna State Opera featured staged mistakes, which were often exaggerated and emphasized.
And the ballerinas’ facial expressions are downright hilarious, and a nice alternative to what we’re used to seeing on stage at a ballet show.
All in all, the elements of this concept combined result in a ballet performance like anything you’ve ever seen before. Get ready to laugh, because there is no way you can watch this quirky performance and keep a straight face!

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