Cafeteria Worker’s Tapped On Shoulder At Lunch – Turns And Discovers What The Students Did

Awesome people deserve to be appreciated and recognized. It’s a simple, common-sense idea that is the essence of the Dude. Be Nice Project meant to surprise rewarding individuals for who they are and what they do for others in their families or close communities.
This time, it was a cafeteria worker’s time to be recognized for all the effort she puts into her work every day. The Bishop Manogue HS in Reno, NV wanted to give thanks to the woman on their campus who graciously serves them each day, always with a smile on her face. They wanted to let her know that what she does every day really makes a difference for the better in their lives.
So they teamed up with the guys behind the Dude. Be Nice initiative and together, they planned a surprise party for her that she will never be able to forget. If you’re curious to see how everything unfolded and how they timed the entire party, make sure to check the video below.
You’ll get to watch the full story and see the woman’s incredible reaction to the surprise. The lunch lady could barely believe it’s all a reality and that she’s not dreaming.

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