Bear lives his best life now, after spending 25 years in a circus

The lifespan of a brown bear is around 30 years. This poor guy named Toshka spent 25 years in the circus. After spending almost his entire life in a small cage, Toshka was saved and now lives in a wonderful place, with bears with similar stories . The bear spent the majority of his life as a circus animal touring and performing for crowds all over the country. Toshka is spending his “retirement” years settled and happy.

In a new video, Toshka is seen thrilled about his new home in the woods. He enjoys his time in the sun and taking long showers. The caretaker was asked by Daily Mail about the bear’s situation and he said :, “Most of his life he was a circus bear, and it was transferred by the last owner to us for rehabilitation and life support.”

At first, when he arrived at the center he was very afraid of people and spent his first 3 weeks hiding in the bushes and avoiding any form of human contact. After that he understood that caretakers were there to help him and decided to come out and bond with the other bears. Now he is seeking attention and spends the entire day swimming and “tanning” in the sun.

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