Cute baby bunnies think gentle dog is their mom

Looking after nearly a dozen of cute little bunnies sounds like a pretty tough job, but not if you’re a gentle Golden Retriever whose patience knows no limits. Always friendly and caring, Bailey is a proud adoptive dad – or mom as they think – for 22 bunnies. Something that both parts fully enjoy, as the adorable footages below show!


All dogs are but friendly and kind, but nevertheless, when it comes to protecting others, no one is more suitable for the job than a Golden Retriever – these gentle giants are de definition for kindness. So when, these cute little fluffy balls have been introduced to Bailey, everyone expected the same thing – a perfect chemistry. And they’ve never been more right!


Since both dogs and bunnies are social creatures, it would have been only a matter of time until these little bunnies and their new friend started to cuddle with each other. It was love at first sight, just as everyone hoped for!

According to Bailey’s owner, the baby bunnies – who’re less than a month old – were orphaned, when introduced to the gentle dog. Heartwarming video footages capture the moment these adorable little things mistake the fluffy Golden Retriever for their mom. A role that Bailey is more than happy to take!

“Bailey has looked after them from the day they have met,” Taras, Bailey’s mom said. “We rescued them [the rabbits] from the hands of people who catch rabbits in private homes.”


“Cute 22 days old [baby bunnies] think the Golden Retriever is their Mother,” the owner wrote. “Look at how little rabbits lay near Bailey they probably decided that the dog is their mother!”

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