Blind Golden Retriever gets his own guide puppy to help him explore the world

Dogs are truly a blessing for everyone. They’re not just awesome companions meant to brighten our days, but also indispensable mates for people with medical or development issues.

Guide dogs for the blind or seeing eye dogs as they’re also known, are very special dogs gifted with incredible skills and properly trained to offer support and to escort a person with poor eyesight or completely blind to handle it through a completely dark world. That’s what we may call a really special companion. Turns out these unique pups are not helping only people, but also other dogs in need.

It is the case of Tao – a 10-year-old Golden Retriever who has his very own guide puppy to help him to explore the world. Unfortunately, Tao lost his eyesight due to a condition called glaucoma. The devastating news left Tao’s human – Melania, completely heartbroken as she feared for the worst. But the the senior Golden Retriever proved to be a real fighter. But even so, blindness turned to be a pretty big challenge, even for him. But that’s until he met Oko – a 11-week old therapy puppy.

Although he would not be able to explore the world as he once did, Tao seems happier than ever alongside his new friend. Oka is not just guiding Tao, be he also offers him the possibility to see the world through his eyes. He’s just a guide dog, but a very special companion. The lovely duo goes to countless adventures together and their Instagram fans can’t wait for another one to come.

Watch them here:

Unfortunately glaucoma is a very common condition at senior dogs and it could lead to eyesight losing if not discovered in time. That’s why Tao’s owner tries to raise awareness as other dog owners to learn about it and it’s devastating effects on their beloved pup lives.

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