Border Collie Acts as Lifeguard for Foster Kittens Learning Pool Safety

Phoebe, a Border Collie, diligently safeguards the foster kittens under her mom’s care near the pool. In an adorable video shared by Bordernerd, a dog trainer and foster caregiver for kittens, Phoebe attentively observes a group of kittens as they acquire essential safety skills around the pool area.

Bordernerd, in a Facebook post, clarifies that the objective is not to teach the kittens how to swim, but rather to impart knowledge on how to safely exit the pool in case of an accidental fall. While all the foster kittens are under constant supervision and equipped with miniature flotation devices, Phoebe remains vigilant, ensuring their safe arrival to the pool’s edge. Utilizing her innate herding instincts, the dog dutifully keeps a watchful eye on her furry charges.

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