Puppy Found in a Box by Side of the Road Now Living Her Best Life

Once abandoned by the roadside in a box along with her sister, Stella now leads a joyful life. Bianca and her husband had been considering adopting a dog, although Stella wasn’t quite what Bianca had initially envisioned.

However, everything changed when Bianca’s husband presented her with a photo of Stella, who had been rescued by the Ruff Tales Rescue in New England. Intrigued and touched, they decided to visit her. Despite the puppy’s initial anxiety, Stella’s captivating hazel eyes melted Bianca’s heart and she instantly agreed to bring her home.

Stella required a fortnight to grow comfortable and let out her first bark. Fast forward to a year later, she is now certain of one thing – she is cherished. As a delightful postscript, Stella’s sister too, has found a loving home where she’s thriving.

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