Cute Rescue Dog Discovers New Treat She Really Loves

Tofu, a rescue dog with a history of overcoming adversity, has recently discovered a newfound love for a particular treat. The delightful incident occurred when her human brought her a surprise. The treat in question happened to be Beggin Strips, which were inadvertently left behind by friends who had stayed with the family. To everyone’s amusement, it seems that Tofu is quite fond of them!

Four years prior to this heartwarming video, Tofu was rescued from the pound. She had endured a difficult past, as her family revealed that the shelter suspected she had been either hit by a car or subjected to abuse. They found her wandering the streets with one of her legs hanging limply.

However, Tofu’s indomitable spirit shines through, as her humans attest that her missing leg does not hinder her in any way. In fact, she remains incredibly swift and blissfully unaware of her physical difference.

The heartwarming and hilarious video of Tofu’s endearing reaction to the treats went viral. In response, Beggin Strips, the brand responsible for her newfound delight, sent her an enormous gift basket. Tofu’s doggie treat heaven has truly arrived!

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