Autistic Boy Confesses Dark Secret, Santa Grabs Him and Speaks 5 Words

Once a year, kids of all ages look back at what they did that year and worry that them being naughty and doing something they weren’t supposed to could lead to serious consequences. It’s just around Christmas when kids start to ponder about naughty things they did that year and that could make Santa put them on the naughty list.
Landon, a six-year-old boy from Michigan, was also worried that Santa Claus might put him on a list with other children who are not well-behaved, but he had a heartbreaking reason for feeling this way.

You see, the boy thought that having autism would put him on the “naughty list.” He expressed his concern when he got a chance to talk to Santa himself at a mall he was at with his family. Fortunately, Santa reassured the boy that no child is punished for having a disability or being different. Also, the famous man in red encouraged him to just be himself and follow his heart.
The magical moment the two shared was caught on camera, and is now warming hearts across the country. Watch the video below to find out more about how it all unfolded.

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