Canadian tourist never expected to see THIS while sitting in traffic

Millions of tourists head over to New Zeeland each year to experience some of the country’s breathtaking scenery. But the beautiful views are not the only the only reason so many people feel in love with the beautiful country.
New Zeeland also offers people the chance to enjoy some unique experiences that leave a long-lasting impression on tourists from all over the world.
A Canadian tourist shared a precious video on her Facebook account, and the images are going viral. The woman was visiting the country side when she got stuck in traffic. But don’t think she was stuck in traffic because there was a large number of cars, as it typically happens in the big cities across the world.
Nope. The reason for the traffic jam was a large group of sheep that were crossing the road. Judging by these images, there had to been at least 300 sheep coming down from the hill. Those are a lot of sheep, right?
A sheep invasion is probably the only kind of invasion that doesn’t really seem that scary. The woman who took the video sounded anything but scared. Take a look and don’t forget share.

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