Single mother of 4 couldn’t afford her groceries. But keep your eye on the man behind her…WOW!

Grocery shopping is something most of us do almost every day. For many moms out there, the local grocery store is almost like a second home, that’s how often they go. They are typically the ones holding a long list and whose carts are always filled with all sorts of food needed to feed an entire family.
It’s a common sight that you’re most likely familiar with if you commonly do your shopping yourself. But what goes on in the video below is most likely something you are not used to seeing when you line up to pay for your groceries.
The producers at ABC’s “What Would You Do?” show orchestrated a scenario meant to test people’s reactions when they see a single mother who can’t pay for her groceries. The woman explains to the cashier that she is a single parent who is struggling to raise her children and make ends meet.
How will other shoppers who witnessed the event react to this? Will they hurry to judge her for not being able to pay for the food she picked out from the store or offer to pay for her groceries? Watch this video and find out.

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