They were swimming peacefully until they heard and saw THIS emerge from the deep

The Gold Coast in Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its long, sandy beaches and its beautiful clear waters bring millions of tourists to this location each year. For the lucky people who actually live there, it’s vacation time all year round.
Still, there are some dangers involved in taking advantage of all this beautiful city has to offer. The couple in the video below live in the Gold Coast and go swimming on a regular basis. It’s something they’ve done for as long as they can remember, and are experienced swimmers. Still, not even experience can prepare you for everything that can occur.
The couple was enjoying some relaxing time swimming when something unbelievable happened. Al of the sudden, a huge whale emerged from the water. The whale was right under them, so when it surfaced, they were as close to it as it gets.
Luckily, they had a camera at hand and managed to take some extraordinary photos and videos that show them next to the huge mammal. Still, looking back at that moment, they both admit that it was a pretty dangerous situation and that things could have ended up very different than they did.

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