When Mom asks her about the giant mess, the answer she gets is priceless!!

They say true friends stick together no matter what, but I guess it’s hard to remember that when there’s an angry person raising her tone at you.
The two adorable pups in the video below knew there was trouble ahead when their owner caught them doing a mess out of the living room. The owner walked in on a huge mess; there was shredded toilet paper all over the room, and one of the dogs was actually wearing what looks like an entire roll of toilet paper.
As you can imagine; that’s not something you want to see, since most people don’t actually enjoy spending their time picking out toilet from the floor.
Although most evidence indicated that the dog wearing the toilet paper was at fault, the owner still needed more proof, so she went ahead and asked the “witnesses” to figure out who could be held accountable. So she asked the other dog that was there about who was responsible for the huge mess.
After taking a few seconds to think about the answer, the dog finally pointed out at the Little French Bulldog who in all fairness looked as guilty as it can be. Check it out:

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