This mama cat’s reaction to a newborn puppy will melt your heart

People use to believe that cats and dogs are not getting along too well. But the animal kingdom proved that animals can share the most unusual friendships. More, regardless the species, animals are the kindest souls when come to comforting those in need of help. This time it a mother cat that meets a newborn puppy, and her motherly instincts immediately kick in!


The adorable video below shows a cat accepting a puppy as being one of her kittens and the images are going viral. The cat’s owners placed the puppy in her box where she was nursing her kittens because the pup needed a new mom, but they didn’t expect the cat to accept him. The puppy was abandoned by his mom, and surprisingly the cat accepted him and provided him with a safe, loving environment. This might seem strange to some, but this happens quite a lot. It’s not unnatural for animals to care for and nurse other animals outside their specie.

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