Coach Was Disappointed with Players’ Disrespect, So He Lined Up War Heroes Directly in Front of Them.

So many of the major problems we face todays as a society come from ignorance. Not knowing a lot about a certain situation or person, and not trying to understand all there’s involved often leads to people acting disrespectful, even if it’s without intention.

It’s up to each one of us to call attention when we see this type of inadequate behavior, and do something to alert the person displaying it, when we can. We can surely take example from basketball Coach Buzz Williams of Virginia Tech.

The man found the best way to teach players an important lesson about respect after he caught them not paying attention during the National Anthem. Disappointed by the overall attitude of college players when it comes to showing respect to those who deserve it, the coach decided to put them face to face with war veterans.

His approach was meant to give students a chance to learn a meaningful lesson and help them change their overall behavior. This is something we all need reminding off. Many of the things we take for granted today were paid in blood by those like the men in the video below.

Everybody needs to see this!

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