Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek mosaics in pristine condition, there’s nothing like it

Archaeologists have the most fascinating job; don’t you think? Sure, it does involve a lot of digging with a tiny spatula (from what I’ve seen), but can you imagine the thrill they must feel when coming across well-kept pieces of history that may have never been brought to light otherwise?
It’s this type of incredible feeling that a few remarkable archaeologists experienced as they unearthing three ancient Greek mosaics dating back 2,220 years ago.

Turkish Professor Kutalmış Görkay of Ankara University led a team of archaeologists back in 2014. Near the border of Syria, in the Turkish city of Zeugma, they discovered a rare jewel in the archaeology world: three ancient Greek mosaics that were in pristine condition.
Their discovery is even more remarkable considering the Zeugma city is now 80 percent underwater.

The mosaics are extremely well crafted and depict important symbols from that time, such as the Nine Muses (which were an inspiration to artists back then), and other Greek mythology divine figure such as Oceanus (which the Greek believed to be the divine personification of the sea) and Tethys (the personification of the world’s waters).
Take a look at the incredibly beautiful mosaics in the images below. It’s like being transported in the past with a time-machine. Amazing!

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