Couple given dream wedding but it was the surprise guest that left everyone in tears

I like to believe that sooner or later good things will happen to those who deserve it. And the couple in the video below definitely deserves good things to happen to them.
Matt and Kya is a young couple in love. They wanted to make their relationship official and were planning to get married when they found out that KIIS 1065 was going to throw them their dream wedding worth $80,000. The producers were impressed by their incredible life story and decided they want to surprise them as part of a campaign meant to give back to some of their deserving listeners.
Kya, a mother of two, had been going through the most difficult time of her life after her mother took her own life. Kya has been struggling to make ends meet and provide for her family, and it was her fiancée who reached out to the radio station asking for help.
Kya got her dream wedding, but you’ll never believe who performed at their wedding. The two received a surprise that they will never forget.
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